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Leykon Wondifraw focusses on the rainy cityscapes of Addis Ababa – the busiest and most frenetic city in Ethiopia. His works depict the disorder within the city; the sky-blue taxis, the large city buses, and the people walking through the streets of Addis in summer time (rainy season).

Throughout the majority of his paintings, Leykun adopts the viewer’s perspective, looking out from inside city transport. As a result, most of his works have no clear image. The perspectives are distorted as heavy rain beats against the city’s vehicles. Shapes and objects are blurred. Colours bleed into one another and it’s this interpretation of life in Addis that forms the artist’s unique style.

The medium Leykun opts for – oil on canvas – allows him to portray the city’s wet, asphalt roads during the summer and in using different types of brushes, knives and other tools, he manages to create a variety of textures and objects that illustrate every-day city life.

Shades of blue and grey dominate his paintings and through this muted palette the artist faithfully reflects the city’s atmosphere during its rainy season.


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