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Ethiopia’s flourishing art market hosts many artists that today continue to explore a broad and eclectic range of styles and influences. It is our mission to promote and support this diverse breadth of work through sourcing, commissioning and sharing a range of Ethiopian art so as to capture and celebrate the richness and diversity unique to the ‘Horn of Africa’.

This initiative began in 2014 by sibling quartet: Graham, Christopher, Catherine and Jennifer Parrott. At the forefront of this venture, Graham and Catherine Parrott – with Management Consultant and Art Theory backgrounds respectively – are currently based in London, UK, and Addis, Ethiopia.

We maintain exclusive representation of our artists and their work, with holdings of original artwork for sale in both London and Addis.


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Born and trained in the UK, Catherine’s academic background in Art History and Theory has equipped Blue Nile Art with the knowledge and research-tools to fully understand, appreciate and support the local culture and artwork sourced from Ethiopia.

For Catherine, it is this opportunity to faithfully represent practitioners, their work and ideas that serves as a greatly rewarding incentive for the project.

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Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Graham has lived and travelled across Africa, Europe and Asia, before moving to Ethiopia in 2014. He lives in the Bole area of Addis and works directly with the local artists, spending much of his time immersing himself in the blossoming art scene.

For Graham, it was this first-hand experience with the artists and their work that motivated the beginnings of this venture.

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